MAY 10 | 21


If we told you that hopping into an ice bath just might be the very best way to boost your mood and generally improve your life, would you think we were crazy? Well, that’s just one part of the Wim Hof Method, which uses science to prove just how effective jumping into freezing cold water can be. OK, so the Method isn’t only about dunking yourself in sub-zero h20.

See, the Wim Hof Method is a three pillar system that focuses on the combination of cold therapy, breath work and mindset to make you into a healthier, happier and stronger person—basically the definition of chilled out. It was developed by Wim Hof, a Dutchman who’s been given the rather fitting nickname of “Iceman” because he’s known for pulling freezing cold stunts like swimming under ice, sitting in containers filled with ice and running a half-marathon on snow and ice totally barefoot. (However, we’d bet he’d fare better on those races with some men’s slides on his feet…)




But Mr. Hof is on to something. Because exposure to icy cold conditions (albeit briefly) has actually been proven to be really good for your body. Like, by actual scientists! The cold can combat annoying things like inflammation while improving your sleep, releasing feel-good hormones and generally acting as a reset button for your mind and body. And you don’t even need to leave home to get in on this goodness. You can just fill your tub with Ultra chilled water and toss in some ice cubes or, when you’re just starting out, simply try a cold 15-second shower, to start reaping all those benefits.

Then there’s the breathing. Wim Hof is all about deep and very rhythm-specific inhales and exhales that not only harness the Cosmic energy that we get from oxygen (thanks for that, lungs) but it also expels energy and helps influence your nervous system. Add to that the mindset part of the Wim Hof Method, which focuses on willpower, self-control and commitment, and that aforementioned ice bath will feel like a total Tropicool vacation. Well, sort of.

We’ll be frank: Getting used to the Wim Hof method can feel uncomfortable and you might be seeing Silver Stars after your first try. But that’s the whole point. It gets you out of your comfort zone and, through the breathing and mental portions, shows you that you’re strong enough to make it through almost anything. Because if you can emerge from a freezing ice bath with a genuine smile on your face, you’ll probably be able to handle two screaming kids waking you up at 5 AM or a stressful day of back-to-back meetings with your boss.




In fact, we recently hosted a Wim Hof Breathing Class for our influencer and media friends in Australia. Hosted at the gorgeous North Bondi Surf Club, in North Bondi, Sydney, this was a relaxing class where we learned those Wim Hof techniques for breathing and rebooting your mind. The fitness club was the perfect backdrop to this event, which was—of course—accessorized by slides from our brand new Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Once the class came to a calm, peaceful end, guests practically floated off their mats to enjoy an afternoon tea overlooking the city views.




So yeah, that’s how the Freedom Moses family puts the Wim Hof Method to practice. Now, grab your cool, blue slides and meet us at the ice bath. It’s time to chill out.