Our Resort Collection Is Here & It’s Awesome

OCT 21 | 20

Our First Resort Collection Is Here & It’s Totally Awesome

Feeling nostalgic now that summer’s over? Talk to the hand. We couldn’t be more stoked for this new season because that means it’s time to reveal our first-ever Resort collection. This range is a moody love letter to all the things we loved about the ‘90s: the deeply relatable rom-coms, the iconic ballads we still sing karaoke to and, of course, the epic clothing.

Every shoe from Resort is made with a careful recipe that includes a hint of grunge, a touch of rock ‘n’ roll and an ample dose of dramatic glamour. From soft metallic pastels to our very first velvet detail, this one collection you do not want to miss. Cue up your fave ‘90s hits playlist—we’d suggest starting with Spice Girls, followed by Nirvana—because it’s time to meet the new line-up and you can shop these women’s slides now!

No, your eyes aren’t bugging out. These are, indeed, our very first pair of velveteen sandals and they’re just as soft as they look. Named after the Lenny Kravitz song, he said it best when he crooned “black velveteen always is ready to dance.” Go ahead, dress these babies up—they’ll look so chic alongside a tuxedo blazer and your fanciest pair of black jeans.

Lily Rose
Grab your camcorder because you’re about to film a documentary about your friends and their not-so-perfect lives. Oh wait, that was actually Winona Ryder in Reality Bites. Anyways, her brash character was the inspo behind these not-so-delicate floral slides. FYI, they also come in forest green and black...and both colors are practically begging to be paired with your collection of flannel shirts, so quick buy your slides now!

Don’t let the name fool you, the Darling is actually inspired by a sultry slip dress. So yeah, they’re a bit sexier than they look upon first glance. Finished off with a metallic sheen, these beauties also come in Astral, a baby blue shade. We have a feeling that Baby Spice would love these.

Denim Lagoon
We totally snagged this denim pattern from mom’s denim drawer, just like you used to do as a teen. BTW, it was totally worth it. Whether you choose this pair with a Lagoon sole or a White sole, you can’t go wrong with this neutral. Yes, we do consider denim to be a neutral, thanks so much for asking.

These shoes are singing out: “Someday you will find me, caught beneath the landslide, in a champagne supernova in the sky.” Because they’re truly just as mystical as the Oasis song. “The world’s still spinning ‘round, we don’t know why” but hey, at least you can trust that these black sandals—with tiny flecks of rainbow—will look good with almost every single piece in your wardrobe. Including your comfy cashmere socks.

True Romance
Equal parts dark and cheerful, these moody florals are just like Patricia Arquette’s character in True Romance, a film that’s been dubbed the Bonnie and Clyde of the ‘90s. While we’re not saying you should make some bad decisions in these slides, they do look really good with a swipe of red lipstick, a pair of gold hoops and, uh, some incognito sunglasses.